and get productive!

Planning has gone much further than your regular pen and paper, for many of us stationery addicts, it has become our creative outlet.  We´re now talking about using our planners not only to map out our goals and tasks, but as a place where we can express the artist inside. With just a few elements our planners can become a wonderful piece of art to cherish forever, while still remaining ever functional.

If you´re curious to see how I use my supplies and plan my days I welcome you to watch my "planning sessions" playlist so you can get some smart hacks, tips, and ideas for your own planning.

Supplies you can use

MINI ICON stickers:

These little guys are so powerful in my planning.  They help me showcase my most important tasks and offer a potent visual of what´s going on in my day-to-day.

Mini Icon Stickers: 1,00 € / sheet 

LABEL stickers

Using boxes and labels are always a must in my planning style, specially when I want to draw attention to a big event in my schedule, I can never have enough!

Label Stickers: 1,50 € / sheet 

interested in these designs?

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deskpads and NOTEpads

I find deskpads very handy to have in any office space to jot down quick notes and appointments.  They help point out your plans as soon as you sit at your desk and can easily be thrown out once the week is complete, giving you a fresh start for the next set of days.  Notepads are equally useful to keep a running to-do list or even a grocery list.

Deskpads: 3,50 € / unit 

Notepads: 1,50 € / unit 


If you hoard rolls and rolls of these beautiful patterned tapes, you are not alone! My planner just wouldn´t be complete without adding a little strip of washi tape somewhere on my pages.  It´s not just a decorative thing, it can be functional too!  I like to use them in my monthly pages to mark events that take up a long number of days so they´re easy to spot.

Washi Tape: 5.00 € / pack of 3 rolls

are you a washi addict too?

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