Planning · 10 December 2019
I feel like picking a planner is something very personal, like picking a good perfume, and trying to find one that is truly suited to our tastes and needs can be challenging, but I´m hoping with these quick steps I can make it a little easier for you.
Planning · 05 June 2019
I´m feeling all kinds of inspired after attending PlannerCon Europe in Brussels, so I felt like I had to share it. It´s the perfect “come-back” for this space. It was my first time ever attending a planner event, and I´m so happy that I did.

Planning · 08 October 2017
I´ve tried just about all types of planner systems in the past (rings, spiral...), but there was one that I´ve always been holding off on, and it´s about time that I tackled it. If you haven´t guessed by the title of this post, I´m talking about a traveler's notebook!
Planning · 24 September 2017
When you´ve been planning for some time, you´ve had the opportunity to try out different planning methods, probably more than one planner, and definitely more than one pen. This year I´m very surprised at how easy it´s been to find a system that works for me and sticking to it.

Planning · 06 June 2017
The start of a new month can mean many things for some of us. For me, the feeling is like the start of a new year. I like to evaluate what I´ve accomplished and what I need to work on. Before writing out my daily to-do´s all over the place like a crazy woman, I like to do a session of pre-planning. Which leads us to the question of what exactly is pre-planning and how can it help us create a successful month?
Planning · 02 July 2016
With this great visual method, we can get kids to start helping out around the house and contribute to making them feel responsable and independent.

Planning · 22 May 2016
When it comes to using a planner we all have a pretty good idea on how to structure our weekly or daily pages since usually they are the ones that we use the most, but what about our monthly spreads? ...
Planning · 28 April 2016
I´ve been doing a lot of reading lately about habits and how they work, today I wanted to share 3 things I´ve learned from all my digging in the hopes that it will help you think about certain changes you want to implement in your daily schedules and how you can accomplish that....

Planning · 03 September 2015
Today I am back and I´m bringing you a super fun and interesting #plannertag. It was created by Kayla from Microscope Beauty, and she has titled it the "Life in Planners Tag"...
Planning · 27 August 2015
There is such a big community centered around this ONE planner it´s crazy! I feel extra inspired when I look at other planner girl spreads on IG and watch plan with me videos on Youtube. It is the most....

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