Lifestyle · 03 December 2019
After what seems like forever, I´m back with my “favorites” segment. I am here to share with you some of the things I´ve been loving in the month of November.
Lifestyle · 09 May 2018
April was a wonderful shift of focus, the weather was finally, very slowly, transitioning to a more spring setting, plus it was my birth month (which brought along some very lovely new things!)

Lifestyle · 08 April 2018
It seems I have a hard time (per usual) keeping up with blogging, youtubing, and the matter. Sometimes talking about JUST planners can get a bit redundant, so I always feel unmotivated to write or film. Instead, and in order to keep myself excited, I´m going to start sharing more “lifestyle-like” things. This will help you get to know me a little more and will allow me to talk about more things that make me happy.