Freebies · 01 February 2018
February used to be, back in the Roman days, the "month of purificaction" with great festivities being held to establish the focus of righteous living in the empire. Now-a-days, we´re just trying to get by and pick up our feet after all the goal-setting-frenzy we´ve set ourselves up for the new year. I don´t know about you, but I´m not very eager to get into that routine just yet, so I started to brainstorm...
Freebies · 03 December 2016
Every year, my list of gifts between family and friends gets a little larger, so there are times when I can´t remember what gift I bought for who or what was that special something someone gave me. So this year I´ve decided to write it all down to make sure I don´t forget and get it right.

Freebies · 29 September 2016
We´ve just begun autumn and with the falling of leaves comes one of the greatest times of the year, the start of my favorite TV shows!
Freebies · 07 August 2016
This simple printable won´t exercise for you, but it will definitely help you keep the number of glasses of water you drink each day under control and will remind us that we should work out and move if we want to lead a healthier life.

Freebies · 26 June 2016
With summer here and being the planner girls I know you are, I´m sure many of you are thinking or already planning out your holiday vacations. I personally enjoy browsing through a bunch of travel magazines and picking out possible destinations to go to. Afterwards I´ll brainstorm...
Freebies · 14 March 2016
This week is St. Patrick´s Day week so I thought it would be perfect to leave you a new freebie to use in the hopes that it will bring you good luck and let you accomplish all your tasks and to-do´s....

Freebies · 28 January 2015
I bring good news to you! Yes, today´s post is the very long awaited post that so many of you have been asking for. Today is the day I leave you with my day on a page inserts....