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Planning · 08 October 2017
I´ve tried just about all types of planner systems in the past (rings, spiral...), but there was one that I´ve always been holding off on, and it´s about time that I tackled it. If you haven´t guessed by the title of this post, I´m talking about a traveler's notebook!
Planning · 24 September 2017
When you´ve been planning for some time, you´ve had the opportunity to try out different planning methods, probably more than one planner, and definitely more than one pen. This year I´m very surprised at how easy it´s been to find a system that works for me and sticking to it.

Journaling · 18 July 2017
I´ve decided to start writing my Morning Pages in my Google Drive account.
Arts & Crafts · 01 July 2017
Today I would like to talk about a super colorful business called Pipsticks. I bet if you´re a sticker lover like myself, you´ve already heard about this company. They began...

Planning · 06 June 2017
The start of a new month can mean many things for some of us. For me, the feeling is like the start of a new year. I like to evaluate what I´ve accomplished and what I need to work on. Before writing out my daily to-do´s all over the place like a crazy woman, I like to do a session of pre-planning. Which leads us to the question of what exactly is pre-planning and how can it help us create a successful month?