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Freebies · 03 December 2016
Every year, my list of gifts between family and friends gets a little larger, so there are times when I can´t remember what gift I bought for who or what was that special something someone gave me. So this year I´ve decided to write it all down to make sure I don´t forget and get it right.
Freebies · 29 September 2016
We´ve just begun autumn and with the falling of leaves comes one of the greatest times of the year, the start of my favorite TV shows!

Freebies · 07 August 2016
This simple printable won´t exercise for you, but it will definitely help you keep the number of glasses of water you drink each day under control and will remind us that we should work out and move if we want to lead a healthier life.
Planning · 02 July 2016
With this great visual method, we can get kids to start helping out around the house and contribute to making them feel responsable and independent.

Freebies · 26 June 2016
With summer here and being the planner girls I know you are, I´m sure many of you are thinking or already planning out your holiday vacations. I personally enjoy browsing through a bunch of travel magazines and picking out possible destinations to go to. Afterwards I´ll brainstorm...
Planning · 22 May 2016
When it comes to using a planner we all have a pretty good idea on how to structure our weekly or daily pages since usually they are the ones that we use the most, but what about our monthly spreads? ...

Planning · 28 April 2016
I´ve been doing a lot of reading lately about habits and how they work, today I wanted to share 3 things I´ve learned from all my digging in the hopes that it will help you think about certain changes you want to implement in your daily schedules and how you can accomplish that....
Journaling · 20 March 2016
It was a busy month where I brainstormed about my passions, went on a trip to Switzerland, met old friends, tried great food and spoiled myself with some Black Friday deals...

Freebies · 14 March 2016
This week is St. Patrick´s Day week so I thought it would be perfect to leave you a new freebie to use in the hopes that it will bring you good luck and let you accomplish all your tasks and to-do´s....
Journaling · 28 February 2016
I hope you´ve taken a moment to explore around because today I wanted to chat a little bit about one of the stars inside this site. Of course it could not be anything else but my...