Lifestyle · 08 January 2020
I´m so sad that the holiday season is over, this was one of the few times that I really enjoyed it and felt that jolly, festive feeling all around. We had so much buying gifts, wrapping them, and above all UN-wrapping them! Santa was so good to me, and I received...
Planning · 10 December 2019
I feel like picking a planner is something very personal, like picking a good perfume, and trying to find one that is truly suited to our tastes and needs can be challenging, but I´m hoping with these quick steps I can make it a little easier for you.

Lifestyle · 03 December 2019
After what seems like forever, I´m back with my “favorites” segment. I am here to share with you some of the things I´ve been loving in the month of November.
Planning · 05 June 2019
I´m feeling all kinds of inspired after attending PlannerCon Europe in Brussels, so I felt like I had to share it. It´s the perfect “come-back” for this space. It was my first time ever attending a planner event, and I´m so happy that I did.

Arts & Crafts · 26 November 2018
December is right around the corner and with it comes the busiest time of the year! But today´s post is to remind you that amidst all that hassle and holiday busyness, you shouldn't let that stop you from finding the time to create beautiful things and work on some crafty projects.
Lifestyle · 09 May 2018
April was a wonderful shift of focus, the weather was finally, very slowly, transitioning to a more spring setting, plus it was my birth month (which brought along some very lovely new things!)

Lifestyle · 08 April 2018
It seems I have a hard time (per usual) keeping up with blogging, youtubing, and the matter. Sometimes talking about JUST planners can get a bit redundant, so I always feel unmotivated to write or film. Instead, and in order to keep myself excited, I´m going to start sharing more “lifestyle-like” things. This will help you get to know me a little more and will allow me to talk about more things that make me happy.
Freebies · 01 February 2018
February used to be, back in the Roman days, the "month of purificaction" with great festivities being held to establish the focus of righteous living in the empire. Now-a-days, we´re just trying to get by and pick up our feet after all the goal-setting-frenzy we´ve set ourselves up for the new year. I don´t know about you, but I´m not very eager to get into that routine just yet, so I started to brainstorm...

Planning · 08 October 2017
I´ve tried just about all types of planner systems in the past (rings, spiral...), but there was one that I´ve always been holding off on, and it´s about time that I tackled it. If you haven´t guessed by the title of this post, I´m talking about a traveler's notebook!
Planning · 24 September 2017
When you´ve been planning for some time, you´ve had the opportunity to try out different planning methods, probably more than one planner, and definitely more than one pen. This year I´m very surprised at how easy it´s been to find a system that works for me and sticking to it.

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