Hi there! I´m Esther,

I am a planner-addict from Madrid and mama to a fur baby deutch bunny (which you will see many pics of in my Instagram).


My love for arts and crafts began when I was a little girl.  Ever since I can remember I´ve had a journal or planner in my possession.  My happy place has always been in the shape of a craft room with walls filled of colors, stationery and scrapbook supplies.  The feel of a blank page in my hands makes my imagination go wild and gives me the motivation to CREATE, whatever it may be; my plans, my dreams, or a simple doodle.


I stumbled into the online planner community in 2014, and right from the beginning it felt like home.  It amazed me to see how a simple hobby could offer such inspiration and tie so many different people together with one common theme: CREATIVITY HAS NO BOUNDARIES!


Getting to share my passion with like-minded people filled my heart with so much joy that it wasn´t long before I published my (very embarrassing) first planner set-up video on YouTube, and shared a free printable on my blog.  Everything escalated quite rapidly and  the realization that this hobby was everything and so much more, allowed me to design a space where I could give back to other enthusiasts like me.

"Plannerholics" is the name I opted to call this community (and myself) because let´s face it, we are all a little planner crazy, am I right?  Who doesn´t spend hours and hours just staring at their pages admiring their beauty or hoping that their planner will suddenly speak and say "Hey You! Listen up and start working on that task you wrote"? 


I´m here to help you work out a system for your planner/s to best accomplish your goals and to-dos while adding a dose of creativity to keep you motivated and inspired, so you can continue to create your life´s dreams and projects.


I spend most of my days searching for ways to stay organized (usually involving owning all the planners out there!) and learning techniques that I can implement into my own planning system.  This website will provide you all the helpful information (and goodies!) I can find as well as my own experience so that you too can structure your precious time wisely.  Planning doesn´t have to be a boring and dreadful thing,  together we´re going to make it fun and exciting and turn it into your new found passion!

Creativity is Contagious



Some fun facts !

  • I can sing the lyrics to ALL the songs on the radio (just not well! haha)
  • I´m deathly afraid of doing a handstand and falling on my face
  • I buy notebooks because I like their cover and don´t necessarily use them after
  • Roller coasters give me an adrenaline high
  • I don´t drink, but I like to feel classy and professional when someone hands me a glass of wine.
  • My heart has a soft spot for furry animals
  • I worked in Toys R Us for 3 years (best time ever!)
  • I will not leave the house if I´m not wearing at least eye liner or mascara
  • I am probably the worst most clumsy cook of life
  • Piano music pieces are my weakness
  • I love the smell of new books/catalogs and if they made a perfume out of it I would probably buy it
  • My one true hobby (besides planning) is watching movies and tv shows
  • I have a strange addiction to softness, like sheets, and I can´t help but stroke them
  • I had a really big phase where I only watched KDRAMAS and listened to KPOP
  • I enjoy traveling to new cities (when the wallet permits it)
  • I love to read contemporary and fantasy young adult novels

If you can dream it



My planner timeline



I begin with an idea



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