Hi there! My name is Esther,

I´m a planner-addict from Madrid and used to be a mama to my now late dutch bunny (RIP) which you will see many pics of in my Instagram.


My love for arts and crafts began when I was a little girl.  Ever since I can remember I´ve had a journal or planner in my possession.  

I stumbled into the online planner community in 2014, and right from the beginning it felt like home.  It amazed me to see how a simple hobby could offer such inspiration and tie so many different people together with one common theme:




Getting to share my passion with like-minded people filled my heart with so much joy that it wasn´t long before I published my (very embarrassing) first planner set-up video on YouTube.  It didn't take long to realize that this hobby was becoming a big part of my life.


Plannerholics is the name I opted to call this community (and myself) because let´s face it, we are all a little planner crazy, am I right?


My hope is that this space will help you work out a system for your planner/s to best accomplish your goals and to-dos while adding a dose of creativity to keep you motivated and inspired, so you can continue to create your life´s dreams and projects. 


Planning doesn´t have to be a boring and dreadful thing,  together we´re going to make it fun and exciting and turn it into our new found passion!

I begin with an idea



Some fun facts !

  • I buy notebooks because I like their cover and don´t necessarily use them after
  • Roller coasters give me an adrenaline high
  • My heart has a soft spot for furry animals
  • I worked in Toys R Us for 3 years (best time ever!)
  • I'm a Disney and Harry Potter fan for life
  • I will not leave the house if I´m not wearing at least eye liner or mascara
  • I am probably the worst most clumsy cook of life
  • Piano music pieces are my weakness
  • I love the smell of new books and catalogs (and have #noshame to sniff them in public)
  • My favorite pastime (besides planning) is watching movies and tv shows
  • There was a time when all I watched was Kdramas and listened to Kpop
  • I enjoy traveling and discovering new cities
  • I am a proud Tita to 4 beautiful girls and 4 mischievous boys
  • I love to read contemporary romance and YA fantasy books

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